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D. Domingos de Pinho Brandão

The Center of Studies, D. Domingos de Pinho Brandão was founded in 1992 by a group of intellectuals and entities with the aim to continue the scientific-cultural project of its patron. The President of the Engineer António de Almeida Foundation, Dr. Fernando Aguiar-Branco, took the first place of founding member, followed by the Mayor of the City Council of Arouca, the President of the Holy Queen Mafalda Social Centre and the Judge of the Royal Brotherhood of Queen Santa Mafalda. This Memorial Library and the Center of Studies was located at the Monastery of Arouca.

The article no. 3 of the statutes clarifies the mission of the Center of Studies, "to continue the work of D. Domingos de Pinho Brandão of cultural promotion, while the creation of the people of Arouca situated in a time and a place; to promote the research and dissemination of art, namely that which is preserved in Arouca”. Since 1992 the Centre of Studies began to publish the Polygraphy journal, whose Scientific Council was constituted by ten distinguished figures of culture and human sciences of Porto and also from the University of Porto. The 1st series was published from 1992 to 2008, in a total of ten volumes, with 106 scientific papers. The 2nd series of Polygraphy journal is forthcoming. In 1998 the Centre of Studies organized the First Congress about the Diocese of Porto, under the theme Times and Places of Memory, in partnership with the Faculty of Arts, University of Porto and the Catholic University. The proceedings of the conference are published in two volumes.

By agreement between the Rector of the Major Seminary of Oporto and the President of CEDDPB, the personal library of D. Domingos de Pinho Brandão, was moved to Arouca. It is available - in cataloging phase - for consultation in the Monastery of Arouca in the space Memorial Library D. Domingos de Pinho Brandão, a multipurpose space composed by an auditorium and a museum center of contemporary religious art.

Professor Doutor Manuel Joaquim Moreira da Rocha
(Director of the Sacred Art Museum of the Royal Brotherhood of Holy Queen Mafalda - Arouca)

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